The Brief

Unparalleled Horizons is a new generation of travel blogging, arriving soon online and in app form for iOS and Android.

The project brief was to design a cohesive brand and imagery in line with their ethos. Users are able to submit blog articles and can choose from a range of imagery in keeping with their unique story.

The Process

The final logo uses negative space and is also ideal for use as an icon for app stores. The logo was built to blend in with whatever surroundings are chosen by a user.

A series of background images were chosen that the logo could blend with so that users have a choice of images that will help them tell their own story. Whether it's a fishing trip or train journey through the orient.

Finally, the app was designed around the newly created brand so that everything blends seamlessly.


Graphic Design

Brand Guidelines

Concept Design

UX/UI Design

What We're Up To

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